What is Systemic Constellation Work?
Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) is a means by which we can reveal and resolve hidden dynamics within our family systems which contribute to current pain or dysfunction.

By working with the representatives in the field, we can discover solutions so that the individual and the family soul can move toward greater clarity and healing.

The work is done in a group setting, allowing opportunities for participants to act as representatives of various parts of the client's system. This allows the client to observe their own dynamic from a new and more conscious perspective.
Where did SCW come from?
Bert Hellinger, now in his seventies, is a master therapist, philosopher, poet, and best-selling author in Germany. From years of clinical practice, he created his unique approach of Systemic Family Constellations, which is currently revolutionizing the fields of therapy, human growth, and behavioral change.

SCW is extremely popular in Germany, the United Kingdom and Latin America but has only recently been introduced in the United States where it is generating increasing interest.
What can it do for me?
SCW can provide stimulating new directions for our lives; relieve both conscious and unconscious entanglements within our family systems; release long held feelings of guilt and shame; remove blocks to communication; and even address some physical symptoms of disease.

Ultimately you may experience a greater sense of belonging, leading to an improved sense of well being and ease. Clients report significant changes in behavior and attitudes both in themselves and in members of their family systems — even those with no knowledge of the work having been done. By helping any part of the system, you help the whole.
Before Your First Workshop
If you feel you would benefit from a Constellation, you will need to determine what issue you want to address. Consider: If the work was effective, what would it change? This can give you a clear idea of your intention for the work.

FACTS provide the most significant information in family constellation work, unlike traditional therapy, which makes interpretations based on descriptions of character, personality and interpersonal dynamics. What happened in the lives of the members of your present family or the past few generations of your family of origin, that was traumatic, unusual, or which significantly altered the course of events thereafter?

SCW uses a phenomenological approach, focused on "what is" rather than theoretical constructs.
Who Should Attend?
Individuals and couples who are seeking help in finding solutions to difficult life situations that have so far proven unsolvable will find new and surprising insights, as well as opportunities for healing movements in their lives.

There are three levels of participation in the SCW workshops: Supportive observers, representatives for other's Constellations and clients for their own Constellations. Each of these have their own reward. Much healing can be accomplished simply by being present to a Constellation which resonates withyour own systemic issues.
What do you mean by "Working at the Level of the Soul"?
Constellation work is done at a soul level. What we mean by this is that, rather than addressing the conscious mind or psyche of the client, the aim of Constellation Work is to move deeper, beneath the rational, to the level of the soul. There we may allow change to happen in a gentle and supportive way that doesn't always occur to the conscious mind. Remember that the soul moves more slowly than the mind, but its effects may reach more deeply and last longer.

What if I want to experience SCW without having
my constellation done?

There are multiple levels of participation for those attending a workshop. You can be an observer, a representative or a client. SCW is utterly transformative for all involved. Even if you are not personally having your constellation done, you may be asked to represent someone in another person's constellation and through that service you can feel a resonance with their work that allows your soul to move forward in its own journey.

How do you maintain the safety and confidentiality of your participants?
All participants are asked at the beginning of the workshop to respect the confidentiality of all the other participants by agreeing not to discuss the experience or revelations of anyone else in the session. We also emphasize the need to work together to create space that is safe and effective for the work.