Soul Solutions is Kenn Day and Patricia Sheerin.
Kenn and Patricia were introduced to Systemic Family Constellation Work in Cornwall in 2001. They pursued training in Germany and the United States, successfully completing a two year certification course with Heinz Stark, Bert Hellinger's protégé, in 2005. Both Kenn and Patricia share a deep enthusiasm for Systemic Constellation Work, fueled by their own experiences with the healing effects of this powerful tool. Their work as a couple, with complementary communication styles, is rare among Constellation facilitators and allows for a greater dynamic clarity in the field.

Much of the depth of insight Kenn and Patricia bring to Constellation Work arises from their considerable experience in private practice. Patricia is a Shiatsu Practitioner, Deep Tissue Bodyworker and Yoga Teacher. more -->

Kenn is a Medical Qigong Practitioner, Shaman, and Massage Therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. Between the two of them they have over twenty years of experience working with a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Their practice has been increasingly informed by Constellation Work, just as their existing modalities influence their awareness in the Constellation field.